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Custom: Handpicked

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 2:13:49 PM America/New_York

At Dandelion, we have so many great options for personalized jewelry. Oftentimes these special pieces need to be ordered in advance, and can take 2-6 weeks to arrive.  The good new is, we also carry lines that allow you to to build a personalized piece by selecting instock charms, or getting hand stamped pieces made especially for you, in just a few days.


Our store in Wyomissing is having an event the weekend of October 20th just to highlight these specific custom collections so that you can beat the rush and meet special order deadlines in time for holiday gift giving. Stop in to see a new selection of stamps, new gold filled charms and chains, and one of a kind stones.Take a look at the options we have available and come to Wyomissing to enjoy light refreshments and prizes while we help you design the perfect personalized gift!


Custom Stamping Line:  This is Dandelion’s exclusive custom stamp line.  We have many charm and chain options for you to choose from. These include multiple stamping options from letters to symbols and stone charms to add birthstones or a specific stone energy.  Each piece is designed by you by choosing the shape of your pendant in sterling silver or gold filled, the stamp you want, and a semi precious gemstone if you desire.  The stamping usually takes a only a few days to complete and we call you when as soon as your order is complete. The piece is given with stone meaning bookmark, and a special card explaining the personalized awesomeness of the gift!


custom charm necklace

sports charm necklace

Monogram Necklace:  This is a classic look that is handmade to order. It can take 4+ weeks to arrive once the order has been place.  Each piece is hand drawn and cut by special artists with the gift of connecting monograms in a beautiful fashion. Each one is slightly different because of the connection of your personal initials.  These are available in in a variety of sizes and in either Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, 14k gold or 14k gold  with pave diamonds.  


monogram necklace


Stamped Rings:  These fun custom stamped rings are also made to order and will arrive in approximately 4 weeks.


14k Gold Initial Necklace:  The initial gold necklace is very on trend right now and can be worn by anyone.  This would make a great gift for a young lady, a new Mom, or to just treat yourself!  They come in 14K Gold initial or 14k Gold initial with pave diamonds.  These need to be ordered in advance and can take 4+ weeks to receive once the order has been place.


Heather B. Moore:  The ultimate personalized jewelry option! Heather B. Moore can turn (omit) (almost) any special moment into a piece of beautiful jewelry.  Some examples are:  your loved one’s signature, child’s writing, or even a little drawing. Or, you can go simple with your child's name with birth date on the back.  These pieces are heirloom quality. They can be passed on for many years to come.

heather b moore necklace

Waxing Poetic:  We have a great selection of this line instock and it does not need to be ordered.  Choose from a selection of charms and chains and bracelets to make your own unique and meaningful jewelry piece. People love the two-toned look of this collection and the versatility it offers with their other pieces of silver and gold jewelry. Waxing Poetic makes a unique gift that you can add to over time.

Posted in From The Buyer's Desk By Lellie Keating

Do you love your engagement ring?

Thursday, October 12, 2017 9:31:22 AM America/New_York

Do you still love your engagement ring?  Have you ever loved your engagement ring?  This can be a delicate topic for many women.  An engagement ring is a symbol of love given to you by the person you love, we feel we should love it forever just for that fact.  Some days this idealistic pill is easy to swallow, but as we grow in our marriages, we become more secure in our relationships and the more we grow as individuals the more we want the jewelry we wear to represent who we are.  This is what I am telling myself in the process of getting my engagement ring refresh.


I figure the diamonds will be the same, it is just the setting that will be different.  It will represent the next phase of our marriage and celebrate the fact we have made it 15 years!  


In my case my husband picked out beautiful diamonds but was ill advised on the setting.  I feel the setting does not allow the diamonds the room they need to shine. They are a little too compact. 

So I have decided to go with Anne Sportun’s three diamond setting to help enhance the diamonds and give them a more grown up home.

There are many, many women who would like an engagement ring upgrade, it is not uncommon.  What is sad is many women just put the ring away instead of wearing it because they don’t love it’s look.  We hear stories everyday from women that wish they could do something different.  Know that you can.  We have several artist that can take your diamond and put it into a unique setting for you.  Our staff can have samples sent in and will walk you through the exciting process of an engagement ring celebratory refresh!

 These are some other styles I considered:

This one I loved but only required one of my diamonds:

Sometimes a ring refresh is not an option.  Stacking with fun new bands can help to refresh your look:

ring stacking, the me stack

alternative engagement ring

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Anne Sportun Trunk Show in Saucon Valley

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 2:42:05 PM America/New_York

anne sportun trunk show in center valley, pa

The Saucon Valley store will be featuring the beautiful jewelry of the Canadian-based artisan designer, Anne Sportun,

beginning Thursday, October 19 through Sunday, October 22

events in leigh valley in october

This special event will showcase her contemporary but classic designs including gemstone wrap bracelets, exquisite diamond rings, and delicate gold earrings and necklaces. This event will have the largest selection of the year and is a must-see for all Anne Sportun fans.  

alternative engagement ringalternative engagement ringalternative engagement ringalternative band, alternative bridal band alternative engagement ring

anne sportun trunk show in center valley, pa

alternative engagement ringalternative engagement ringalternative engagement ringalternative band, alternative bridal band alternative engagement ringalternative band, alternative bridal band

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Mother's Day

Thursday, April 28, 2016 3:02:56 PM America/New_York

There are no real words that can truly express the love we have for the Moms and Motherly figures in our lives. So when Mother's day rolls around we can't wait to pick out something special to show her how much we care. 

This year we are giving YOU the perfect Mother's Day gift guide for HER 

1. For the Mom on the move

She’s always running from place to place and could use a little pop of color to coordinate with her favorite “on-the-go” attire. These are the gifts for the busy bee!

on the goon the go 2

*Featured: (left) aid through trade, chan luu. (right) original lokai and limited edition lokai, s'well


2. The Mom who is full of color

She’s creative, vibrant, and always a spark of sunshine in your life. She needs something bright to reflect her colorful personality. Jewelry as unique as Ayala Bar, Wanna Buy a Watch, or an antique button ring would certainly do the trick!


*Featured: (left) Wanna Buy a Watch. (right) Ayala Bar


*Featured: Antique Button Rings, Thai Pouch 


3. The Mom who prefers a classic look

Her elegance and class never cease to amaze you.  If it were possible she’d probably be besties with Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.  She’s always outstanding and nothing says outstanding like some pearls and crystals. 


*Featured: (left) Anne Sportun (pearls), Coeur De Lion. (right) Lolo Bags, Rebecca McNerney 


4. The Mom who goes bold

She isn’t afraid to go a little bolder and sparkle her way through life. She likes to stand out and you appreciate it. She shines bright and her jewelry needs to keep up with her vivacious spirit! Try something colorful like Liztech or Sorrelli.


*Featured: Sorrelli, Liztech, Anna Beck 


5. The Mom who likes to keep it simple

She loves jewelry, but prefers something simple and sentimental. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Collections like B.U. and Kathy Bransfield express all the things you're looking to say.


*Featured: Kathy Bransfield


*Featured: B.U.

Posted in From The Buyer's Desk By Ashley Gibiser

Dandelion in the Big Apple

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 5:12:03 PM America/New_York

The transition from winter to spring always brings plenty of excitment. Not just because of the change in weather (thank goodness for sunshine headed our way), but because a change in seasons means new jewelry collections are on the scene. This week we traveled to New York City to pick out some special treats for the months ahead. 

We started at the Javits Center for Coterie. We made it through all the accessories, but not without a few stops to pick up the latest and greatest from everyone's favorites, Chan Luu and Zoe Chicco. 

nyc coterie nyc coterie 2

nyc coterie

After a lunch break we made our way across town to Pier 94 where we attended Capsule. This was our first time attending this show and what a pleasure it turned out to be. We weaved in and out of aisles of jewelry with bright eyes and excitment! There were so many artists with beautiful designs and innovative techniques. It was definitely the best place we could have gone to explore up and coming lines and discover future collections to carry in the store.

bracelets hands


What a day it turned out to be! It's never anything less than wonderful when you're wandering around New York City. 


Posted in From The Buyer's Desk By Ashley Gibiser

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