Do you still love your engagement ring?  Have you ever loved your engagement ring?  This can be a delicate topic for many women.  An engagement ring is a symbol of love given to you by the person you love, we feel we should love it forever just for that fact.  Some days this idealistic pill is easy to swallow, but as we grow in our marriages, we become more secure in our relationships and the more we grow as individuals the more we want the jewelry we wear to represent who we are.  This is what I am telling myself in the process of getting my engagement ring refresh.


I figure the diamonds will be the same, it is just the setting that will be different.  It will represent the next phase of our marriage and celebrate the fact we have made it 15 years!  


In my case my husband picked out beautiful diamonds but was ill advised on the setting.  I feel the setting does not allow the diamonds the room they need to shine. They are a little too compact. 

So I have decided to go with Anne Sportun’s three diamond setting to help enhance the diamonds and give them a more grown up home.

There are many, many women who would like an engagement ring upgrade, it is not uncommon.  What is sad is many women just put the ring away instead of wearing it because they don’t love it’s look.  We hear stories everyday from women that wish they could do something different.  Know that you can.  We have several artist that can take your diamond and put it into a unique setting for you.  Our staff can have samples sent in and will walk you through the exciting process of an engagement ring celebratory refresh!

 These are some other styles I considered:

This one I loved but only required one of my diamonds:

Sometimes a ring refresh is not an option.  Stacking with fun new bands can help to refresh your look:

ring stacking, the me stack

alternative engagement ring