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In the Jewelry Box: Ananda Khalsa Bluebirds

In the Jewelry Box: Ananda Khalsa Bluebirds

 In The Jewelry Box: Ananda Khalsa
Bluebirds by Katy Wirth from Saucon Valley
Dandelion in Saucon Valley Ananda Khalsa Blue Bird Hand Painted Earrings and Necklace


   When I was a very young child, maybe about 2 or 3, I was fully convinced that I had hatched out of an egg in the robin’s nest that always sat atop the rafters of my family home’s rickety old porch. My mother could not convince me otherwise, so she encouraged my silly imaginings and fondly began calling me Birdy. The nickname stuck, and to this day, my mother is the only one who knows me by that name.

   As I grew up, I developed an affinity and appreciation for creative processes, primarily painting. I am a painter myself (albeit not a very skilled one) and have always had a love of artistry and detail. So when I began my work at Dandelion one year ago, the first artisan jeweler I became enthralled with was Ananda Khalsa.

   Ananda specializes in fine jewelry that is handcrafted and created with natural stones and imagery that speaks to the quiet and gentle side of femininity. My favorite aspect of her work is her hand painted pictures of birds. When I saw her bluebirds, I was in love. I instantly thought of my mother and the nickname she had given me in my childhood. Now, when I wear my Ananda, I am wearing a secret and very cherished part of my identity.