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We know you all love supporting local artists, and we have some new arrivals from some very local and very lovely folks this week!  J+I Jewelry is made in Philadelphia and designed by Ian Gibson and Jessica Rogal.
Jessica and Ian co-founded J+I Jewelry in 1999, and every piece has been handmade in their studio in the heart of Philadelphia. Ian describes the studio as being "filled with the sound of hammers and sanders as each piece is skillfully crafted by the talented team of J+I jewelers."  Their designs are organic and use simple shapes, focusing on the inherent beauty of the sterling silver and gold-filled metals that they use.
Throughout their collection, they work with sterling silver, 14kt gold-filled, 14kt solid gold, semi-precious and precious stones, and freshwater pearls. What is gold-filled? 14kt gold-filled is a technique where a sheet of solid 14 karat gold is heat bonded to a core of brass so that it has a much higher gold content than gold plating. Since 14kt gold fill is legally required to contain 1/20th of its weight in gold, the jewelry will not fade and continue to shine like pure gold. With proper care, a 14kt gold-filled piece can be worn for years without showing any signs of wear.  And, their sterling silver is 100% recycled.  Sterling silver is the strongest alloy of silver (92.5% silver and 7.5% copper), balancing beauty and durability. On certain pieces, they apply an oxidized finish to highlight the recesses and hammering in order to create contrast on the sterling.