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SOKO jewelry is one of our favorite collections of jewelry that is a mixture of bold and classic aesthetics - and style driven by a greater social purpose. Their team believes that "for something to be beautiful, the system that created it must also be beautiful." The designs they create are organic with an impact, inspired by tranquil lines and repetition.

SOKO jewelry is created from recycled brass, and many pieces are plated in 24k gold or electroplated with chrome for a durable silver-toned finish. They also use cow-horn and bone products, crafted from the horn of Ankole Longhorn cattle, a breed native to the Rift Valley of East Africa. The artisans ethically procure this reclaimed material, which is a byproduct of the food industry.

Read more about SOKO's mission and values below - and scroll to the end for recommendations for Jewelry Care and Maintenance of their handcrafted pieces!

We Are

We are a women-led, people-first ethical jewelry brand and tech-powered manufacturing platform built to connect artisans in Kenya with the global market.

We Create

We use mobile technology to connect marginalized Kenyan artisans directly to the global marketplace. Unlike centralized factory production, we use technology to enable the human workforce.

We Believe

As a certified B-Corp, we believe in using business as a force for good to balance profit with purpose. Leveraging the power of business for maximum positive impact, B Corps build a more inclusive and sustainable economy to help solve the social and environmental challenges our world faces today.

We Enable

Financial inclusion and economic sovereignty are the key to lasting impact and change. We continue to work towards reducing inequality and poverty, building a healthier environment, stronger communities through the creation of high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose.

We Know

We’re paving the way for a higher standard that benefits all stakeholders - our artisan partners and their communities, you, and our team that passionately works together to make a positive impact.


Jewelry Care

Treat It With Love

Remove jewelry before rigorous physical activity or going to bed.

Prolong Its Life

Store your jewelry in a cloth bag away from natural sunlight and heat.

Keep It Shiny

Use a gentle metal polisher for brass and gold and a soft cloth to remove tarnish and restore luster. For beads, wipe gently with warm water and a cloth.

Keep Away from Water

Our materials don't mix well with moisture. Avoid contact with water, lotion and perfume.

Cleaning D.I.Y. for Brass