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  1. Trust Chakra Necklace
  2. Creativity Chakra Necklace
  3. Communication Chakra Necklace
  4. Awareness Chakra Necklace
  5. Spirit Chakra Necklace


  • Best customer service ever! Placed an order a few days ago. Received it promptly and beautifully wrapped, as well. Used to shop at your Exton Mall shop. Great service".


  • I just got the compass earrings and I love them! I also love the light grey drop earrings. The customer service of @dandelionjewelry is amazing! After shipping to NC, not only were they beautifully packaged, but I loved the hand-written “thank you” note. @dandelionjewelry not only has a beautiful selection at various price ranges, it is also one of the reasons why I still miss Princeton, NJ."


  • "I received my order today. I'm very impressed with the speed of delivery. The packaging and personal card are absolutely lovely! I will order again, and tell all my friends!"