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Suburban Square
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Morenci Turquoise Center Cluster Cuff Bracelet

SKU#: 156575

This statement cuff bracelet is handcrafted by Navajo artist Leon Martinez in New Mexico.  Leon was taught the art by his parents in the 1970s and was helping them in the studio as early as age 9.  He is passionate about his work, which combines traditional techniques with contemporary style.  This piece shows the care taken in every aspect of the process, from selecting the natural turquoise stones to finishing the piece with intricate embellishments made from sterling silver.

This piece features Morenci Turquoise, which was mined in Southeastern Arizona and  is highly regarded and sought after by collectors.  The Morenci mine is no longer actively producing any turquoise.

  • Handmade in New Mexico
  • By Navajo artist Leon Martinez
  • Sterling silver
  • Morenci turquoise
  • 1 inch opening in cuff
  • 2 1/2 inches across at widest part of cuff
  • The oval cluster design is 2 inches x 1 1/2 inches