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Suburban Square
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Hamsa with Evil Eye Enamel Necklace - Light Blue

SKU#: 699749

Colorful hamsa with evil eye pendants that are simply adorable, dainty, and you should be wearing this every single day. This combination of a hamsa hand with an evil eye is a very powerful amulet, it's truly the "best of both worlds." The eye to deflect any ill-intent or harm coming in your direction, with a hand to help push it right back to the sender. Found all over the world, both the evil eye and the hand-shaped good luck charm usher in good health, protection, happiness, and love. The lovely colorful hues which are hand painted inside of the hamsa hand necklace are available in three colors, all with special meanings

Pink: love and happiness
Light blue: broaden your perspective on life
Navy blue: good karma and communication

  • Sterling silver
  • 16" chain with 2" extender
  • Charm is 3/8"