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Suburban Square
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Lucky Eye Keyring in Navy

SKU#: 699830

Bright and vibrant colors to keep the negativity far, far away, and to always watch over and protect you. 

There's meaning to each of the evil eye colors:

  • Yellow for health, concentration, and memory
  • Green for a new state of balance and change in your life
  • Purple remove obstacles and make a change
  • Navy Blue protection and luck
  • Light Blue to counteract chaos in life
  • Pink love and friendship
  • Orange overall protection 
  • Black internal power 
  • Red protection from evil and fears

Using these amulets to hold your keys for your car, house, apartment, or office will always mean that you have luck and protection being carried with you at all times.  An evil eye deflects any malicious thoughts, evil ways, and sends the negativity back to the sender.

An evil eye amulet is found all over the world, making this keychain the perfect gift for the new driver, a new homeowner, graduate, or just because.

  • Glass
  • 1.75" x 3"
  • Split keyring