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Back to School

Back to School

  It's that time of year again, whether you are packing yourself or your child up to move into their new college dorm or apartment, a teacher preparing your classroom and getting ready for a new academic year, or a hardworking mother making sure everything goes as planned. No matter what position you may be in, preparing for school to start back up again is a job in itself! You deserve a treat to start the academic year off right!
Gifts for Students


   B.U. necklaces are great gifts for students starting college or high school, or anywhere in between. Each necklace is full of personal meaning with charms, stones, and little sayings that are encouraging and full of happiness and good vibes. Shop now.


  Scout bracelets and necklaces feature stones that are more than just their beautiful appearance. Each stone has a significant meaning of what powers it holds. A student can layer Scout wrap and bracelets to create a great look - and know that the stones are helping them along the way. Shop now.


    Who doesn't need a new pencil bag or cosmetic bag? Our Sugarboo canvas bags are great for everyday student necessities. They are large enough to fit what you need and small enough to store without taking up too much space - great for a desk, locker, backpack, or the small nooks and crannies in your dorm room. And not to mention, the cute and inspirational quotes they have. Shop now.


Teacher Must-Haves


  Stay hydrated in style with a new S'well bottle! Whether it's for keeping your water cold all day or keeping your coffee hot, S'well bottles are just what you need. Shop now.



  Our Giving Bowl dishes and heart dishes are like the cherry on top of an ice cream cone. Find the dish that speaks to you and keep it on your desk for a paper clip or two.


Treats for Mom

   Back to school is just as stressful for teachers and students as it is for you, Mom. Making sure your child is prepared with new clothes, books, pencils, everything! Your support doesn't go unnoticed, so treat yourself with something from Dandelion.

  Adel Chefridi jewelry is handmade, quality jewelry at an affordable price. Chefridi creates his jewelry with the utmost attention to detail and quality  using hand selected gem stones to create timeless pieces. Why not treat yourself with a new Adel Chefridi ring?! Shop now.


 "A collection of luxury that is as timeless as it looks." Chan Luu is another artist that creates fine, quality jewelry at an affordable price. Great styles that will never go out of style! A treat that keeps on treating. Shop now.