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Featured this Week

Gold Herringbone Chain Necklace


Polly Wales Celeste Spinning Disc Pendant Pink Ombre Sapphire


14K Gold "Stay In Your Magic" Mantra Charm Necklace


14k Gold Ring With Single Star Set Diamond


Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Ring with Small Square Inverted Moss Aquamarine


Polly Wales Blue Green Teal Confetti Ring


Pat Flynn Iron Nail Bracelet ~ 3 Diamond Splash


14K Gold Small Curb Chain Bracelet with Floating 3mm Diamond


Scattered Dot Bangle in Oxidized Silver & 14k Gold


Thick Silver & Gold Individual Bangle Bracelet


Pyrite Mix Naked Five Wrap Bracelet


Thick Black & Gold Individual Bangle Bracelet


Stardust Texture Diamond Wave Band


14k Gold Half Round Wide 5.5mm Band Ring


Polly Wales Anna Kite Halo Ring


14K Gold 3 Small Pearl Necklace


Gold Organic 4 Loop Necklace


Small Gold Orion Hoop Earrings


14K Gold Tiny Bead Turquoise Starburst Stud


12mm 14k Gold Hoop Sleepers


14K Gold Itty Bitty Lightning Bolt Single Stud Earring


Hammered 10k Gold Tee Shirt Cuff


14K Gold Medium Curb Chain Bracelet


Blue lace Agate Naked Wrap Bracelet


Pura Vida Gold Costa Cowrie Bracelet - Winter Fresh


14k Gold Medium Square Oval Link Chain Bracelet


Vega Stacking Ring


14K Gold Medium Curb Chain Bracelet with Floating Diamond


Petite Crescent Mixed Colored Stones Gold Hoop Earrings


14K Gold Tiny Bead Diamond Starburst Stud


Marquise Diamond Pave Band