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Suburban Square
The Promenade Shoppes
Palmer Square

Charm Jewelry

Curved Tree Silver Oval Charm


14k Yellow Gold Single Letter Charm with Diamond

gold obre wrap bracelet & necklace

Ombre Golden Wrap Bracelet & Necklace


Sakoda Emerald Wrap Bracelet & Necklace


Large 14k Carabiner Hinge


One of a Kind Aventurine Harriet Stone Charm


Small Gold Filled Hand Stamped Letter Charm


Scout Delicate Amazonite Wrap


Gold Filled Disc Choker

opening empowering clearing bracelet and necklace

Scout Delicate Iolite and Sunstone Wrap Bracelet and Necklace


Small Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Letter Charm

fluorite brilliance inspiring stabilizing focusing

Scout Delicate Fluorite Wrap Bracelet and Necklace


Citrine Gemstone Charm


Obsidian Bead Wrap Bracelet & Necklace