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Permanent Jewelry

Frequently asked questions

If you have an issue with your jewelry within seven days of getting it welded, Dandelion will fix or replace it complimentary by appointment. Dandelion guarantees the weld but not the chain or jewelry itself. This jewelry can break and/or stretch if pulled or caught, and many types of chains will gradually stretch over time (this applies to regular jewelry as well). If your piece breaks after more than 7 days, or if you ever need to intentionally remove the jewelry, you can schedule an appointment to have it re-welded for a small fee.

Anyone can get permanent jewelry as long as you do not have a pacemaker, a sensitivity or allergy to metals, or have any other condition that might make this permanent jewelry experience unsafe. Dandelion's permanent jewelry uses sterling silver, gold filled, and some gold vermeil metals. A parent/guardian signature is required for anyone age 16 and under.

Obviously, you will be showering, swimming, etc while wearing your permanent jewelry! To keep it looking it's best, avoid direct and excessive exposure to lotions, perfumes, and chemicals. To add shine or remove any dirt or build-up, you can gently brush your jewelry with a soft toothbrush & mild dish soap. If you need to remove your jewelry for any reason, carefully cut it at the jump ring with scissors (save the chain if you'd like to get it reattached in the future).

Appointments are not required, but are recommended. Making an appointment helps us to get ready for your arrival and reduces wait times. The process is quick, but may require some set-up and you will need to choose your chain, optional charms, and desired "fit" for your jewelry.

If you are planning to get permanent jewelry with a friend or a small group, an appointment is especially recommended!

Add to your stack

Permanent jewelry is the perfect "base layer" to any jewelry stack! Choose your favorite style of chain; it will be starting point for your daily look. We love Leslie's sterling silver figaro permanent bracelet with a Pat Flynn diamond & iron nail bracelet.

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