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Our First Steps: Graduation

Our First Steps: Graduation

Our First Steps: Graduation
by Katy Wirth, Dandelion in Saucon Valley
Graduation Gifts

As children, we learn to crawl and walk,

As we grow up, we learn to run and jump.

With hard work, we learn to fly and soar.

   When we are wobbly tots, we learn to take our first tentative steps in a big, big world.

   Then we grow.

   We begin trying new things, we begin exploring unexplored places, and we begin meeting people who will change our lives forever. We begin making choices for ourselves.  

   The first steps of each new journey propel us further toward our dreams and our goals. The first steps of a graduation walk mark one such pivotal journey, for we turn a page and we start a new chapter with these steps.

   At Dandelion, we want to celebrate this occasion like never before. We take great joy in celebrating our own family’s accomplishments, so we want to help your family celebrate theirs.

   Nothing compares to the feelings of pride, relief, and elation after the long years of hard work, stress, and study are finally over. Recognize your graduate’s efforts with a small something that will make her realize that it was all worth it.

   We all undergo changes as we learn and grow as women. For a young caterpillar who is only just beginning her career as a butterfly, show her that she has made you proud with something to commemorate her transformation. Let her know that her newly grown wings will take her as far as she can dream.

   Moving forward into the real world spurs feelings of nervousness for our futures, so it is essential to have support from those who we care about. Fortify your graduate with the armor she needs, so she can slay any daunting interview or project with her bold courage and confidence.

   Love is the best protection. We can feel very small in an unpredictable and sometimes scary world, so knowing we are traveling on the right path is important. Reassure her with a token to remind her that she has the skills to succeed and that everything happens for a reason.

   Our dreams are what keep us going. She had a dream, and she achieved everything she set out to do. You knew she could do it, and she never gave up even when she thought it was useless to try. It is time to let her know that her dream is now a reality.

   Living in happiness is the ultimate goal for us all. She will travel the world and conquer the universe. You only hope for good things ahead of her, wherever she goes. Wish your graduate luck, wish her fortune, and wish her fulfillment, for she has more than earned it.

   As our graduates take their next set of first steps down the road ahead, we’ll be with them every step of the way. From our family yours, congratulations.



   Whether she is graduating from high school, college, or so on, gift jewelry that will encourage them to accomplish anything, remind them of you and home, or give them the confidence for the next step.

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