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Dandelions in the Garden

Dandelions in the Garden


   Getting into the garden is one of my favorite parts of spring. I am completely fascinated with dirt. My kids think I’m crazy as I start to dig up our vegetable beds and say things like “Look at that yummy dirt” and “Wahoo, look at all those worms!”

Dandelion Tip of the month

   I had asked for these raised garden beds for Mother’s Day years ago. My husband built them out of cedar boards so they would not rot. They help make gardening a bit less about the weeds and more about the growing. They also help keep your beds deep, the deep soil allows you to plant closer together so you can get more growing in a smaller area.

Dandelion Tip of the Month

   This is my gardening companion, who I let eat my Hostas because she is too darn cute! We got her a year ago and over the summer she escaped and has never gone back in the cage.  She is our free range bunny who I lovingly call Bun-Bun.

Dandelion Jewelry Bunny

   We all live busy lives. I have school age children right now which means I’m really a part time chauffeur on the weekends and having a garden seems like a ridiculous waste of time, but for me it’s therapeutic. If I can get into the garden and work with my hands, even for a short time, it helps to clear my head.

Dandelion Tip of the Month


**Tip: My hands inevitably get dirty when gardening and sweaty dirt gets into my rings. I’m one of those that has jewelry they love and wear 24/7. So, my rings often get dirt under the stones. This makes the stones in the rings look dull. I use a soft toothbrush and hot water to get the dirt out from the back of the stones in my rings. Some times I will use a bit of toothpaste to help get the luster back. Once I'm finished, they're good as new!


Written by co-owner, Lellie Keating