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18k 2mm Parchment Cuff with Kelp Clasp


18k 2mm Faceted Cuff with Kelp Clasp


18k Thin Bias Cuff


Two Tone Bowline Bracelet


Fifty Fifty Bracelet


Petite Wrought Links Bracelet


Small Diamond Petal Earrings


Small Diamond Pebble Earrings - 10k Yellow Gold


10k Sway Single Earrings


Isis Necklace


Gilded Oberon with Black Diamond


Two Tone Small Mod Petal Necklace


10k New Small Sway Necklace


Cat's Cradle Necklace with Raw Diamonds


Radiant Triple Strand with Labradorite


21" Two Tone Bowline Medium Link Necklace


18k Gold Baby Bowline Segment Necklace


Two tone Baby Bowline Segment Necklace


Petite Wrought Links Necklace


Fifty Fifty Necklace


Baby Beads Necklace


Paper Moon Necklace


Diamond Duo Necklace


10k Gold Pave Hug Hoops