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Miarante Jewelry

Miarante Jewelry

Miarante has been referred to as "an ode to the ethereal delicacy and untamed spirit of the Scottish landscape."

"The precious tourmaline stones and tiny diamonds are individually selected by Jenni and each piece has been inspired by the many different aspects of her homeland amongst the rugged mountains, forests and deep clear lochs of the Trossachs. Each Gaelic/Scots item name reflects a place, a mood, a history. The stones capture the subtle colors of green moss, pink heather, bracken and fern; a landscape that is sometimes harsh, sometimes gentle, but always mystical. No two stones are ever exactly alike, just as no one walk in the country will be precisely the same as the one before. "

Born of the Mist

"Having lived in Chicago for 11+ years the images and verve of the city have also influenced her own individual style. The urban/rural combination therefore brings together the feminine beauty of nature with the chic and edgy vibe of city life. As such many of the designs are as delicately graceful as they are beautifully bold."


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