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Mier Luo

Mier Luo

In the Mier Luo collection you will find peaceful and simple beauty. This unique jewelry is handcrafted in Brooklyn from fine porcelain, 22k gold, and gold filled metal.
We can see how Mier is inspired by nature's textures, colors, and forms!  Her jewelry is not too complicated; instead, it focuses on simple organic shapes and the contrast of shiny bright gold on matte colored clays.
Mier was raised in an artist family, originally from Shanghai, China, and then Phoenix, Arizona. She has a background in a wide range of arts and received her BFA of Environmental Design and Graphic Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She began creating her porcelain jewelry in 2012 while still in college and has been doing it ever since!
Everything is handmade in her studio in Brooklyn, New York in small batches. Her process begins with her initial designs, which are inspired by textures and forms found in nature.  Then pieces are handmade from porcelain clay and fired to over 2000 Fahrenheit degrees. Accents are added to the fired porcelain in 22k gold, and all of her chains and ear wires are gold filled.