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Tips for Wearing Cuff Bracelets
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Tips for Wearing Cuff Bracelets

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We love cuff bracelets! They are easy to put on and take off, no clasps to mess with, they stack so beautifully, and you can find cuffs in an endless variety of styles.

Silver, gold, plain, hammered, stamped, or set with stones and everything in between, a cuff bracelet is a true staple of any jewelry collection.  You can go as simple and classic, or as bold and bedazzled as you like!

Once you find a cuff that is your approximate size, you can always adjust it to fit you just right.  The trick is - adjust your cuff to your wrist once, and then leave it that way!  Although cuffs are generally very sturdy, repeated stretching and squeezing of your cuff can weaken the metal over time.  Also, if your cuff has any sort of stones set in it or any soldered details, these settings and solder points can be damaged by too much flexing of the metal.  This is not something to worry about as long as you treat your piece with care and adjust it appropriately.  Check out our video for some tips!

You can find our collection of cuff bracelets on our website.  Have fun creating your stack!