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Necklace Lengths: A Visual Guide

Necklace Lengths: A Visual Guide

Are you having trouble picturing how long a necklace will be or where it will fall? Are you trying to decide which lengths are your favorite combination for layering?

While each necklace will hang in a different way on each individual body, this guide may help give you a general idea of how some of these measurements may look on a person.

A 14" necklace is generally considered a choker-length, or a good length for a smaller child.

A 16" or 18" necklace is quite popular for an "everyday" necklace, or the shortest necklace in a layered look. It will typically be visible and look lovely with many types of clothing and necklines.

Longer necklaces are excellent to wear alone over simple tops, sweaters, and dresses, or to add to a layered look of many necklaces. Some jewelry-lovers prefer to space out their layers (this guide is an awesome way to visualize the distance between different lengths when building your look) while others embrace the overlapping, tangly, "neck mess" look.

16" and 18" lengths pictured above

Pictured above: shortest 21", medium 25", longest 28"

34" length pictured above

We hope this is helpful for all of your necklace needs. Whether you like to wear one simple necklace every day or layer up lots of different styles, it is important to know which lengths are the most comfortable for you!