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How To: Measure Your Wrist for a Bracelet

How To: Measure Your Wrist for a Bracelet

One challenge of purchasing jewelry online can be figuring out if something will fit you the way you want it to. It is so nice to have access to a brick-and-mortar store to try a piece on, but sometimes that is not possible or not convenient...and shopping online in the comfort of home is something we have all grown to love and be grateful for!

Luckily, bracelets are not too challenging when it comes to finding the right fit. Many bracelets, especially those made in a link style or a wrap style, have different adjustments to fit different wrist sizes. Some metal cuffs can also be adjusted slightly, if done with care (see our tips here).

Here is a guide to figuring out the two most important measurements that you will need to know to make a bracelet purchase: your wrist size and your hand size.

To measure your wrist for a cuff bracelet, link bracelet, or any style of bracelet that opens and does not need to fit over your entire hand:

For this type of bracelet, you will just want to know the circumference around your wrist. Hold your arm with your hand relaxed and fingers gently outstretched. With your other hand, wrap a soft measuring tape around your wrist where you would like to wear the bracelet - don't pull it tight, just measure at a comfortable tension and there is your wrist measurement!

Any bracelet that is at least as many inches in length or circumference will fit, and it is up to your personal preference if you like to wear something a bit larger for "wiggle room".

If you do not have a flexible measuring tape, you can use the same method with a piece of non-stretchy ribbon or string, mark where your size is (where beginning of the ribbon hits the part that is wrapping around), then lay flat and measure the length with a ruler.

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To measure your hand for a bangle or expandable bracelet (one that must fit over the hand and does not fully open):

Hold your hand with your fingers outstretched and cupped as if you are about to slide a bracelet over. Your thumb will be tucked in towards your other fingers and your palm. Now wrap a measuring tape around your knuckles at the widest point. That will be the measurement you need to know - the minimum circumference of a bangle or expanded bracelet that will fit over your hand. You can also use the ribbon or string method explained above to take this measurement if you don't have a flexible measuring tape.

You can also measure your hand for the size of the opening at the widest point (or the diameter of a circular bracelet) by laying a measuring tape or ruler flat, cupping your hand into the same position as above, and measuring from the knuckle of your pinky to the knuckle of your thumb. This is the widest point of your hand, and a bangle diameter will need to be similar to this measurement to get it over your knuckles. You might prefer to pick something slightly smaller than your measurement for a more snug fit on your wrist. For example, my hand pictured below measures 3" but I can wear a 2.5" bangle - it is a very tight squeeze to get my hand through, but it fits my wrist more closely and doesn't slide down over my hand, which I like.


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Some designers may offer further, more specific guidance about the sizing of their bracelets. For example, Ed Levin uses this measuring method and then explains whether your measurement is a small, medium, large, etc. in their collection.

We hope this is helpful to you when choosing your next bracelet! Please feel free to contact us on our website chat if you have any questions.