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Mother’s Day with the Merchandising Team

Mother’s Day with the Merchandising Team


Mother’s Day with the Merchandising Team

written by Lydia Jacobs,

our Merchandising Manager and Ardmore Assistant Manager

     "We’ve all been thoroughly enjoying seeing the beautiful trees bloom with flowers and that new green color that only happens during the spring.  We all feel a little refreshed and relieved, and it was the perfect time for the merchandising team to meet up to create Mother’s Day window displays for all of the Dandelion stores.


    Leslie, Jenni, and I have the pleasure of working together on merchandising projects every so often.  In this case, it was a fantastic spring “craft day,” and a change of pace from our roles as co-owner (Leslie), general manager (Jenni), and Ardmore assistant manager (Lydia).


      As you all know, everyone at Dandelion loves all things handmade!  We also love to celebrate women and mothers every day, but especially Mother’s Day.  We celebrate each other, our mothers, our children, our grandmothers, our “moms” who aren’t our moms, and all of you!  So, handcrafted with love, we made some pretty floral displays that you will see in the windows of all the stores, to express our appreciation for mom, mum, mother, mama...the names for her are endless.  We hope you enjoy them if you stop by to say “hi” or look for a Mother’s Day gift!"