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Adel Chefridi

Adel Chefridi


We admire Adel Chefridi Studio both for the fabulous jewelry and for the admirable commitments they have made regarding their practices. From sourcing materials from ethical suppliers, to valuing kindness and harmony, the studio is committed to transparency.  They follow international treaties with the aim of ensuring ethical and conflict-free sourcing of materials.  Adel Chefridi supports the Mercury Free Mining Initiative,, researching more sustainable, environmentally conscious mining, as well as, focusing on raising global awareness of clean energy alternatives for all. Adel sits on the Advisory Board of Ethical Metalsmiths.

Adel Chefridi Dandelion Jewelry


"Beauty is a language that we all accept without effort because it is the raw material of our own essence, more intrinsic than intellect and culture.  More subtle than understanding.  Naturally universal."

Adel’s childhood playground in Carthage-Tunis was on the remains of the material cultures of the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Andalusians, Ottomans, and many more. They all left behind a tapestry of knowledge, stories and artifacts. When Adel came to New York in 1998 and witnessed the richness of all the different faces and flavors, he felt right at home. New York felt fresh yet so familiar and the inspiration was immediate and deeply rooted. Soon after he started his jewelry studio and continued on his path using beauty as his language."

"In 2010 we started our sister studio in Tunis. Adel had a desire to open a channel to exchange skills and knowledge with his family back in Tunisia; creating an opportunity and outlet for the expression of beauty back home. This direct connection to the past that has shaped Adel’s designs allows the creativity to continue to flow."


"I remember being a child and the first time I walked into the back room of a jeweler. He had a torch in his hand and magnifying glasses on his face. He seemed like a magician playing with fire and I always loved magic. I believed that a master can turn anything into gold. I still believe that, but on a deeper level."

"Many years later, I arrived in New York City, and the old dream of playing with fire, shaping gold and collecting objects came back to life. I went to the GIA to study Gemology and finished intensive programs in goldsmithing and diamond setting. To learn more, I went to India to search for gems and started setting them in gold and silver. I've been surrounded by gemstones and a flood of patterns ever since."

"What I realize when I look back at my childhood experiences is the way all the different cultural expressions found a way to mingle together and get along in my awareness. This is true throughout history. Whenever people used beauty as a language to communicate, the outcome is always acceptance. This is so important today as the world is opening up so quickly. It is important to shift the conversation to the domain of the heart to be able to know each other on a more profound level. Our opinions and ideas can define who we are on some exterior level, but our deeper identity as individuals or groups of people is defined by what we love. And love’s official language is beauty. Everyone “understands” beautiful expressions and patterns, they resonate with all of us because it feels similar to our own heart.”

A signature within Adel’s work is the engraving. This stems from his fascination with the intersection of beauty and the meaning of inscribing symbols and patterns on stone or in metal. It is one of the first ways humans expressed themselves. Etching and engraving are very essential in all forms of jewelry, architecture and textiles in his homeland of Tunisia. It is a form of communicating subtle feelings and meanings under the radar of the brain, a common language.  Most interesting to Adel are the simplest forms, dots and lines. Throughout his work you will see four dots, a symbol of balance, a visual reminder and representation of the harmony within and throughout nature and people. Groundedness in reality, while striving for our ideal version of ourselves; this is represented by the vertical dots. Reaching outward, to others and to nature, and to be open to receiving from the outside world, these are the horizontal dots.

Adel Chefridi designs emphasize simplicity, durability and an openness to light and movement. The pieces have a friendly and peaceful feel that makes them wearable on any day or occasion.

Soft Satin Finish: Also known as a matte finish, a satin finish leaves their 18k gold and sterling silver with an overall smoothness, without the reflection. It provides distinction to the engraving marks and helps to enhance the stones.

Quality Diamonds Sparkle: A diamond's precision, size and cut are an integral part of Adel Chefridi designs. All diamonds in their gold line are excellent cut and pure white (F-G Color and VS1-VS2 Clarity). All diamonds in their silver line are excellent cut and pure white (F-G Color and SI Clarity).

Natural Stones: The colored gemstones are hand selected and chosen for their bright and highly saturated colors. They believe that using only natural stones, which may contain slight variations in color, makes each piece of jewelry unique.

Function and Aesthetic as One: Bead setting melds purpose and form, creating complex patterns by carefully hand engraving each stone.

Antiquing for Contrast: Inspired by nature and symmetry, their Silver and Harmony lines are adorned with various antiqued patterns and finished with an antiqued chain. This darkening is intentional and helps to provide contrast, balance and charm.

"There is something about the language of gems that makes you want to listen. They use light to talk about love, causing it to burst into color. In my work I hope to allow the jewelry to articulate this conversation; to speak in subtle hints and whispers without the need for translation." - Adel Chefridi




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