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Pursuits is a unique collection by Vanassa Chan, created in her studio in Toronto, Canada. We hope you love these pieces as much we do! They are bold, minimalistic, and modern, using simple shapes and fun geometry to create very wearable jewelry pieces. These pieces can be neutral or add an interesting pop of color to your look in shades of black, blush, and dijon, with matte silver and gold accents.

You can find the Pursuits collection in-store at Dandelion in Ardmore and Dandelion in Princeton. Or, view the full collection on our website!


Vanessa Chan draws her inspiration from design, architecture, and fashion. She earned her bachelor's degree in interior design in the United Kingdom and worked for years as a designer in Canada before launching Pursuits in 2014.

"Her background in interior architecture has deeply influenced her jewelry designs, and traces of her past career can be seen in the playful way she approaches composition and geometry. Her passion and desire to create pushes her to experiment with new materials: exploring combinations of surface and shape and their potential as wearable art."

Her materials are new and unique indeed: the round orb beads are an acrylic base with a silk color coating. The matte finish is so beautiful!  Her metals are a brass base, with various platings such as 12k gold, rhodium, and black zinc, and her earring posts are surgical steel.

Many pieces in the Pursuits collection can be styled in various ways to suit your taste or outfit. Several long necklaces have a sliding crimp bead that allows you to arrange the orbs, bars, or other shapes in many different ways! And while some of the earrings are delightfully simple and minimal, others are more complex and can be styled in three or more ways. The "earring jacket" idea allows you to wear all the pieces, just the simple stud, or a combination of the pieces in front of and behind the ear lobe.