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Handmade in Illinois & Ohio

Handmade in Illinois & Ohio

Do you ever wonder where that pair of hoops you put on every day...came from? Whose hands shaped your jewelry, and where were they in the world when they made it? We are curious by nature, and we love sharing, as much as we can, the stories of where jewelry is made and who made it. More than half of the artists that we carry at Dandelion are located in the United States, so we thought we should compile an updated list for you to easily browse some of our "Made in the USA" collections. Today's featured artists craft their pieces in the Great Lakes region of the country, in Illinois and Ohio; take a look at some of our favorite pieces by Dana Reed, Heather B. Moore, and Sarah McGuire!

Dana Reed is a Chicago-based artist whose mixed metal collection uses contrasting tones of black, silver, & gold and forms that are a little bit industrial and a little bit organic. She combines interesting Art Deco-influenced geometric shapes with subtle textures to create unique and wearable jewelry. Her use of dark oxidized silver adds drama and contrast when paired with high-polish bright silver and rich gold and gold-filled elements.
Heather B. Moore is the founder of a beautiful line of fine custom jewelry handmade in Cleveland, Ohio. Her pieces are crafted from precious metals and stones, but their true beauty lies in the stories behind the custom pieces. The designs are based on custom-made one-of-a-kind steel stamps, which can be created based on a loved one's handwriting, a child's drawing, a meaningful phrase, and so much more. These pieces are true heirlooms! At Dandelion, we carry a lovely selection of her signature charms, or we can help you design your one-of-a-kind piece to be made just for you.

"Jewelry designer and metalsmith Sarah McGuire finds inspiration in organic forms, manmade curiosities, and classic modernist design. Growing up in New England, Sarah spent her summers on the beaches of Cape Cod and coastal Connecticut, collecting objects and absorbing the landscape that would later inform her work as a jeweler. She graduated from Parsons School of Design and spent over a decade in New York before moving to Chicago.

From her timber-loft studio, the designer and a small team craft each piece of jewelry by hand. Sarah uses recycled metal – primarily high-karat gold and sterling – mixing it with linen, leather, rough gemstones and diamonds."