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Personalized for Mom

Personalized for Mom


   Mamma, Ahm, Madre, Mutter, Ma, Mum, Mother. She possesses an infinite amount of names, and she possesses an infinite amount of love. She remedies your worries, bandages your wounds, and calls you for no reason other than just because she cares. She is gentle, she is kind, she is fierce, and she is a woman to be reckoned with.  She is your best friend. She is Mom.

   As the women who give their all to give us life, moms hold the world in their hands but deserve the world at their feet. We in the Dandelion family treasure our mothers, and we believe your mother deserves treasures.

   To celebrate such wonderful women in anticipation for Mother’s Day, we are ready to help you say “I love you, Mom” with our personalized line of custom creations.  

   Remind her that she is your role model, and the goodness inherent in her has rubbed off on you. You can say just enough with the powerful connective energy of a shared heart.

   Little ones may also enjoy watching their heroes. Connected hearts with denotive birthstones make an adorable ‘Mommy and Me’ design. It’s a beautiful idea to help youngsters express “I want to be just like Mom.”


   For the free-spirited mother, whether she is a fearsomely loving mama bear or a fearsomely protective lioness, show her that you appreciate her remarkable strength with a design just as dynamic and strong as she is.  



   For the classic mother whose beauty seems to transcend time, who nurtures and cares for everything and everyone she meets throughout life, say “Thank you” with a timeless creation that she can wear every day.  Not to mention, she can think of the best gift she ever received—you—while she’s wearing it.



   And finally, for those of us whose mothers are now our guardian angels, no mere object or avenue of expression can fully describe or do justice to how much we miss them. It is important that we keep their guidance, their wisdom, and their love alive within us. They are with us in all things that we do. Sometimes, we just need a little reminder that they are always there.



  Mothers, they are everything to us. From our family to yours, let us do our best to give back to the women who give us everything.


   Check out our Personalized Collection online or visit us in store to see the endless possibilities for creations.
Written by Katherine Wirth
Photographed by Teri Romanowski
Models are Sam and her daughter Makayla, the family of Saucon Valley's store manager, Jessica Kehoe