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In the Jewelry Box: An Heirloom Charm Bracelet

In the Jewelry Box: An Heirloom Charm Bracelet

 In the Jewelry Box: A very special Charm Bracelet

Jenni, our General Manager

Dandelion Jewelry In the Jewelry Box Blog

   As a child, I would always ask my mom to tell me stories about “when she was a little girl."  I loved hearing about her experiences growing up, her friends, my grandparents and all the pastimes that she enjoyed as a child.

   The piece of jewelry that I always found most fascinating from my mom’s jewelry box was her charm bracelet.  I can remember thinking, “there were so many!” and they all had a story that went with them! That made them even more special to me.  My mom and I share the same birthday, and many of the same hobbies so everything about the bracelet was intriguing to me. My favorites were always the little sewing machine and the pink birthday cake.  I could picture my Nana giving my mother the charms throughout her childhood to mark special achievements and moments in my mom’s life.

Dandelion Jewelry in The Jewelry Box blog

   I am so grateful to still be able to enjoy the bracelet that I admired as a child.  Charms are timeless. You can create an updated version to represent events in your life, or you can even take charms that are sentimental and mix them with new pieces that are part of your story.  I now also enjoy my own bracelet that has charms representative of my boys initials, the coordinate of Hatteras, a compass and will continue to add more to mark special events.

   Dandelion offers many options for custom charms, or bring in your charms and we can create a piece mixing old and new.  We would love to hear the stories behind yours!