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What We Love for Fall

What We Love for Fall

  The start of a new season means transitioning wardrobes, and of course - accessories! We handpicked, just for you, our must-haves this fall.


Hoops of Gold

   Nothing makes us feel like solid gold more than are favorite gold hoops. Gold hoops defy time with their everlasting presence in fashion. You can never go wrong with the gold hoop that makes you feel like you've got it all!

Sleek lines and a glossy finish--minimal weight, maximum impact. 
Julie Vos | $68.00


Nepalese inspired hoops with minimalistic details, lightweight and fabulous.
Jane Diaz | $105.00
These tiny small hoops are simple, but wide and tapered to make a great, adorable statement. 
Tashi | $80.00
A little gold hoop never goes out of style! The 14k Small Polished Hoop is sleek and shiny, great for subtle statements.
Carla Corp Nancy B | $230.00
Feeling Charmed
- Indeed we are! Taking a trip down memory lane to simpler times when all we cared about were the charms on our bracelet. It's time to embrace your inner charm again.  
Finish off your look with this 18k gold plated sterling silver short necklace featuring citrine mix stones.
Chan Luu | $175.00
14k gold necklace with 4 tiny letters spread throughout the chain, "L O V E".
Zoe Chicco | $350.00
A mix of materials layered with with citrine mix.
Chan Luu | $195.00
This stretch bracelet is composed of a pink mix of smooth round stones, pastel beads, and a pastel tassel detail.
Chan Luu | $65.00
Pearls in Different Ways
  Pearls are one of the most traditional gemstones and have been traded, worn and admired for centuries. Now we are finding (and LOVING) so many contemporary and nontraditional designs and styles featuring pearls. Check out some of our favorites!
  A huggie hoop with the  Stone of Sincerity, the pearl. 
Joyla | $150.00
The soft iridescent hues of the Silver Dollar Collection exemplify the warm colorations of all of the seasons.
Michael Michaud Designs | $55.00
Antiqued Sterling Silver necklace with Silver and pink Freshwater Pearls, and crystal coated moonstones.
Mashka | $190.00
This handmade bracelet has Sterling Silver hammered interlocking circles on a sterling silver adjustable chain with silver and grey pearls.
J + I | $138.00
Linked Up
  We are loving the chains with links of all different shapes and sizes. In silver, gold or brass, the look is unstoppable and endless - just like the chain links. 
When extraordinary meets simplicity.
Jane Diaz | $140.00
Mosaic, cut-out links formed to be a perfect necklace.
Arik Kastan | $2,175.00
Sumptuously textured large links in the gilded Monterey weave.
Julie Vos | $395.00
A sophisticated take on the chain link style.
Soko | $88.00
Hello, Roy G. Biv
 You know - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet! Whether it's rainbow gold, rainbow stones, or just a combination of bright colors, we are loving it. The mix of colors truly adds the finishing touch to any outfit and is great for matching and layering. 
Proclaim your original sense of style with a unique gemstone wrap that be a necklace or bracelet.
Anne Sportun | $400
A Gold-Plated necklace with a unique personality and blend of creativity, modernity and craftsmanship.
Joid'Art | $90.00
The luxe aesthetic of the "cast-not-set" rainbow sapphires in 18k gold.
Polly Wales | $6,077.50
When rainfall leads to rainbows.
Sia Taylor | $780.00