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Metier by Tomfoolery

Metier by Tomfoolery


Métier was dreamt up by Laura Kay on the shop floor of her parents’ jewellery gallery, tomfoolery, which has now been serving north London and farther afield for over twenty years.

Growing up working weekends in the gallery; in 2011 Laura made the decision to leave her job in fashion and advertising production to take over the reins. Laura  began to offer her customers a bespoke service for engagement and wedding rings and as demand grew she was inspired to start designing  her own collection of  fine jewellery that can be enjoyed every day.
In 2015 Laura then launched Métier by Tomfoolery which was the birth of demi-fine; affordable, delicate, 9ct gold jewellery designed to be self-styled and interchangeable for every day. An instant hit with friends, friends of friends and customers who visited the gallery.  Laura’s ethos is simple. She designs jewellery with herself and friends in mind. 

Métier has grown organically and is proud to be a female founded and operated business whose focus has always been on being a slow jewellery brand.  

9ct gold was chosen for its durability and accessible price point, creating pieces that can be cleaned, repaired and worn for many years to come. Avoiding the cyclical nature of the fashion industry, we design wearable jewellery that will last, but can ultimately be recycled again.  

Though we do not market ourselves as a sustainable jewellery brand, 95% of the gold used in our jewellery is recycled, our packaging is 100% recycled and our gemstones and diamonds are responsibly sourced (diamonds are from suppliers who abide to the KPCS).  

We have strong relationships with our workshops where each piece of jewellery is handmade in both the UK and India and recognise our social responsibility to ensure fair working conditions throughout the supply chain, where teams are paid fairly, holidays are respected and operate in good working conditions.

9ct Gold Jewellery

We reject base metal gold plating as it cannot be cleaned up to its original state.

Pure gold is 24ct but this is too soft for everyday wear. Gold is mixed with other metals called alloys to increase its hardness and durability. Métier jewellery is created using 9ct gold which has 37.5% gold mixed with minimum 45% silver and 17.5% other alloys (never nickel). The silver alloy can cause the metal to become tarnished when exposed to chemicals or the natural oils your skin produces.

All gold jewellery does require cleaning to keep the bright shine and remove any tarnish. We recommend using detergent in warm water and carefully brush with a soft toothbrush and then rinse in lukewarm water. After cleaning, air dry the jewellery and make sure to store in airtight boxes and bags when it’s not being worn.

We will continue create jewellery in a durable material that can be worn and worn and if you ever wanted to change your item of jewellery the metal can easily be recycled.




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