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Monica Riley

Monica Riley



I’m a maker at heart and love the messy, intricate process of transforming blunt metal into shimmering objects to wear. I strive to illustrate that process in my designs, combining dark, raw and precious elements. My inspiration comes from the Scandinavian devotion to craftsmanship, design and quality that I know from my upbringing in Copenhagen, and the natural beauty and vitality of California where I live now. All Monica Riley jewelry is handcrafted in my California studio and adheres to high standards of  social and environmental responsibility.


The materials used in Monica Riley Jewelry are sourced from vendors who adhere to high standards of environmental and social responsibility. Our primary gold and silver supplier manufactures metal with certified 100% recycled content and practices responsible refinement and clean emissions. We strive to source our diamonds from vendors compliant with the Kimberley Process to ensure they are conflict free. Other gemstones used in Monica Riley Jewelry, such as sapphire and tourmaline, are sourced from suppliers that are certified members of AGTA and MJSA. Many of our designs incorporate Karen Hill Tribe Silver which is a fair trade and ethically sourced product.


When purchasing handmade jewelry, please take into consideration that there will be slight variations to the shapes, textures and finishes of a design compared with what you see on the website and between pieces of the same design.  Also, jewelry does alter over time. Wear will slowly buff matte finishes and remove oxidation on silver, just as oxidation will naturally creep into silver that has no patina from the outset. Scratches and dings to silver, and in particular silver rings, will occur upon wear. Rather than think that time and wear is making your jewelry old and worn, think of these changes as a beautiful aging process that makes your jewelry truly yours.

To clean jewelry at home simply use a soft toothbrush, mild soap and water. Anti-tarnish cloths can be used to shine gold and silver but keep in mind that patinated pieces can lose their aged look which is an intentional part of the design of many of our pieces. To shine oxidized pieces that have become dull, use a jewelry polishing cloth with a gentle touch so as to shine the piece without removing the patina.

We recommend keeping jewelry out of the shower, pool and sea, and away from the chemicals in skin cream, perfume and hairspray (i.e. let these products sink in before you put your jewelry on).  We also encourage periodically checking your stone settings at your local jeweler to ensure a continued snug fit of gemstones. When you aren't wearing your jewelry, keep it in a dry environment and store each piece separately to prevent scratching/marking between pieces.


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