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Gift Cards & Store Credits

Gift Cards & Store Credits

How do I use my e-gift card online?

Simple! Look for the "Discount code" box at checkout and enter the gift card code that you were sent in your E-Gift Card email.

Can I use my physical gift card or store credit that was issued at a store location to make an online purchase?

Yes! If you are using a physical gift card with a 6-digit code on the back, you will need to add "00" at the end of your 6-digit code and enter it into the "Discount code or gift card" area at checkout. For example, if your gift card number is "123456" you will need to enter "12345600" as your gift card code at checkout.

 Email if you need assistance.

Can I use my e-gift card in one of your store locations?

Yes! Print out a copy of your email containing the e-gift card code or show it to us on your phone when you check out in one of our stores.

Does my gift card or store credit expire?

No, it does not expire or decrease in value.

My order is over $50 and qualifies for free shipping, but using my gift card decreases my total and I am being charged for shipping. What should I do?

You can go ahead and place your order; in this situation, we will automatically refund you for the shipping fee when we process your order. If you have received your shipping notification and have not yet received a refund notification, please contact us at