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Silver Shield Drop Earrings


Small Oval Hoop with Dots Earrings


Triple "Jennifer" Vine Band Ring


Single Vine Band Ring


Ivy Band With Flower Ring


Double Rose By Pass Ring


Wide Organic Band Ring


Vine Hoop Earrings - Large


Spiral Flower Pendant


Abstract Element Earrings


Small Dogwood Charm Anklet


Reversible Flower Anklet


"Frances" Full Dogwood Necklace


5 Roses on Signature Chain Necklace


Six Dogwood Flower Bracelet


7 Dogwood Bracelet


Sterling Silver Radiating Hoops


Silver Spiral Drop Earrings


Double Flower Pendant on Vine Bail


Large Etched Oval Earrings


Flower on Vine Earrings


Stamped Flower Mandala Earring


Pearl on Oval Chain Necklace


Dogwood on Signature Chain


Double Dogwood on Oval Chain


Sterling Silver Smooth Oval Link Pendant Chain


Sterling Silver Twig Hoops