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Aster Dangle Earring

SKU#: 193218

There are an estimated 180 different specifies of Aster, varying in different hues of purple, pink, yellow, and white. Part of the same family as Sunflowers, the flower's name comes from the Greek word for "star" due to the shape of the Aster's head. The center of the flower is actually made from tiny, miniature flowers called disc flowers. Asters are often considered a symbol of eternal love, while purple Asters are symbols of wisdom and royalty. Not only are these flowers beautiful and diverse, but bees and butterflies use them as a food source, too!

  • Hand patinaed bronze accented with cast glass & 24k gold finish
  • Gold plated over sterling silver French hook ear wire 
  • 1.5" long
  • Handmade in the USA