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Made in the Southwest

Made in the Southwest


This weekend, we're sharing some of our favorite artists who work in the Southwest United States. From New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, these artists are surrounded by landscapes ranging from deserts to mountains. Each collection features delightful mixed metals and textures, focusing on designs that are perfect for every day wear. Keep reading to learn more about Halcyon Jewelry, Mark Steel, and Nikki Nation. Browse their newest arrivals and unique pieces!
Halcyon Jewelry is designed and hand made by Hannah Sindorf. She carefully crafts each piece in her studio in the desert of northern New Mexico. Her work is a made from a beautiful mix of 14k gold, sterling silver, and semi-precious and precious stones.
"Inspired by the ancients, imbued with magic, and made with love and sustainability, each piece of Halcyon jewelry is created with forever in mind."
Mark Steel Soffe started his business in 1979 by designing bracelets and rings. He started showing his jewelry at the Park City Arts Festivals and then began selling it to a store at the local mall. Matt joined him in 1986 and since that time they have taken the business from a garage to a production facility with several talented artists. Through it all, Mark remains the artist, creating and designing jewelry that is both stylish and timeless. Mark Steel Jewelry is located in Kamas, Utah, just east of Park City, in the shadows of the picturesque Uintah Mountains. Their pieces are sterling silver and 14k gold filled, offering a wide range of classics and essentials.
Nikki Nation Jewelry is a unique collection focused on traditional metal smithing techniques, and is lovingly handcrafted in Denver, CO. Nikki gravitated towards metalsmithing while studying interior design in college, and it ended up changing her career path to become a jewelry designer! She is still influenced by her appreciation for architecture, space, and scale and it translates beautifully to her jewelry collection. She works in sterling silver (often oxidized), 14k & 18k gold, and reclaimed diamonds.