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Minimizing your Jewelry Box

Minimizing your Jewelry Box

Like many others, I have discovered the idea of minimalism and living a more intentional life. Now does this mean that our active family of four have given up all of our possessions and live in bare white rooms. Absolutely not. We have started trying to be much more selective about what we bring into our lives. If it does not serve some kind of specific purpose or add value to our lives, we do not need it. We have been systematically purging, donating, recycling and letting go of anything that does not provide us with function and true happiness.

Now what does that mean for my jewelry collection? I LOVE jewelry. I love how different pieces elicit different emotions. I love the craftsmanship and the story of handmade pieces. I love how it can make you feel more confident just by putting it on. What I have learned though, is it is more about quality than quantity. I will wait longer or save more to buy one very special piece. If it is something that I can wear often, although the initial cost may be more, there is more value and actually cost less over time because of constant use. 


I would love to share some of my favorite pieces with you….

My alternative bridal I naturally wear every day. Looking at them will always make me happy. I love that they are one of a kind. I added an Anne Sportun band over time and will eventually add to the stack, but again it will be a special piece. I think one with more white diamonds will be a great addition.


My TAP by Todd Pownell earrings are perfect with my Heather B Moore Charm necklace. I can wear these earrings for work or with my Lululemon. The fact that the necklace is two tone makes it so easy to wear.


Now wanting to live a more minimal life does not mean that I literally only like simple jewelry. For me, that is not the case at all. I love big bold pieces as well, but again, I will get a really special piece and wear it often. This Native American Zuni turquoise necklace is a work of art to me. The process and tradition of the artists holds a special place in my heart. I love to pair these pieces with my Chan Luu scarf. One Chan Luu cashmere scarf is better than a hundred synthetic scarves. I have owned this piece for at least nine years and still wear it all the time.



Having lots of pieces to choose from can be very fun too! For myself, I have found that having less quantity, helps me enjoy the special pieces that I own immensely more.


Written by our General Manager, Jenni Tunbridge