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Waxing Poetic
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Waxing Poetic

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"Waxing Poetic is a community of beautiful artistry and skilled craftsmanship. From our home base in charming Carpinteria, California to the tropical and kaleidoscopic villages of Indonesia, Waxing Poetic is founded on a reverence for communal sustainability."

Waxing Poetic 

Waxing Poetic is a handcrafted line of jewelry that is inspired by life's journey. The company came into being by two sisters, Patti and Lizanne. Patti grew up being more artistic where Lizanne was always her voice of reason. Patti now serves as the founder, CEO, and Creative Director and Lizanne is known as the Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. 

Waxing Poetic

While they have a boutique in California with collections you can only find there, they have over 100 employees in Bali, Indonesia, where most of the jewelry is made. The craftsmen and women of WP are focused on unity and working together to make something with meaning. Each stage of their jewelry making process is by hand. The materials used consists of recycled materials, silver, brass and bronze. The process of making this type of carved and stamped jewelry is difficult and requires a high skill-set that many other companies do not have or care to do. This is one of the many reasons Waxing Poetic is unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Waxing Poetic serves as a perfect gift because of it's customization. You can choose meaningful and personal handmade bracelets, chains, pendants, and charms to celebrate any occasion.

Watch their video to learn more.