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Large Oval Lapis Pendant Necklace with Gold Star

SKU#: 197421

Large Oval Stone Pendant Necklace with Gold Star - Lapis

Large matte stone pendant with 10K yellow gold center star and 4 silver discs for the four directions. Nice weight, you can feel it...centering, celestial, slightly mystical.

  • Approx. 1"x 1 1/2" pendant
  • Lapis
  • 24" thick antiqued sterling silver chain
  • Lobster claw closure

Jane Diaz has been collaborating with Nepalese silversmiths for over 20 years.

“They make jewelry the same way their father's fathers made it, completely by hand. From blocks of pure silver and gold they mill the metal to plates and wires and build this jewelry from scratch!

I've loved working in this place with these people. It's taught me a great deal. It's been a magical relationship to be able to doodle and draw and have these drawings brought to life by these skilled hands. My mission in this place is to keep their crafts alive.” ~Jane Diaz