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2021 Gift Guide ~ Dec 5th

2021 Gift Guide ~ Dec 5th

Hello all! We hope you've had great weekend and maybe stopped by one of our stores; Suburban Square, Palmer Square, and the Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley are all beautifully decorated and have so many fun events happening on weekends! The stores and our website have so many new arrivals coming in every week so we'll be putting together a little weekly gift guide for you, with new ideas and our staff-favorite recommendations in every price range. Check out our collections page to see all the categories, or keep reading to see some of our favorites. We hope you enjoy this Sunday's selection!
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Everything $50 and Under
Earrings $50 and Under
Bracelets $50 and Under
Necklaces $50 and Under
Rings $50 and Under
Gifts $50 and Under

Everything $50 to $100
Earrings $50 to $100
Bracelets $50 to $100
Necklaces $50 to $100
Rings $50 to $100
Gifts $50 to $500

    Everything $100 to $100
    Earrings $100 to $300
    Bracelets $100 to $300
    Necklaces $100 to $300
    Rings $100 to $300
    Gifts $100 to $300

    Everything $300 to $600
    Earrings $300 to $600
    Bracelets $300 to $600
    Necklaces $300 to $600
    Rings $300 to $600
    Charms $300 to $600

      Everything $600 and Over
      Earrings $600 and Over
      Bracelets $600 and Over
      Necklaces $600 and Over
      Rings $600 and Over
      Charms $600 and Over

      Thank you for shopping small and for joining us in our love and appreciation of handcrafted jewelry!