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April Birthstones

April Birthstones

April has arrived and we are excited to show you some of our favorite jewelry for anyone with a birthday this month. The traditional April birthstone is diamond, a precious gemstone known for its beauty, sparkle, and durability. Its name comes from the Greek word "adamas," which means “invincible” or “unbreakable.” It is believed to be a symbol of clarity, strength, and eternal love.

As an alternative to this precious stone, many people born in April choose to wear stones with a similar appearance, such as the natural, semi-precious white topaz or the lab-grown gem cubic zirconia. Topaz naturally occurs in many colors, and the clear/white version is a perfect April birthstone symbolizing hope, love, and happiness. Cubic zirconium is man-made and is a very popular diamond alternative, with its cubic crystalline form, clear color, and super-sparkly appearance.

Shop our collections here, or continue reading to see some of our favorite April birthstones in sterling silver, solid gold, mixed metals, and gold vermeil.
Twinkling diamonds in cool sterling silver for everyday wear
Warm 14k & 18k gold with sparkling white diamonds are a classic pairing...these pieces shine with unique handmade details
We love these designs with mixed metals, raw diamonds, or a combination of black and white diamonds.
Beautiful gold vermeil and gold plated jewelry with white topaz or cubic zirconia. Choose from marquise, round, and emerald-cut shapes for the perfect simple staples.
Sterling silver with white topaz or cubic zirconia is effortlessly cool and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.