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Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation Gift Guide

"The future belongs to those who believe in the
beauty of their dreams." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Graduations can come in many forms. They can be with or without ceremonies or parties, or at any time of life. A sweet little one may be graduating kindergarten, or an adult may be graduating and embarking on a journey with a new passion. What they all have in common is the joyous accomplishment of the graduate! It is a time to celebrate achievements, whether it felt easy and natural, or if it was a path of overcoming many challenges. It is an occasion that deserves to be noted and remembered, and can be viewed as the culmination of a journey or just the beginning of a new phase of life.

A graduation gift can be such a special token to remind a graduate of their accomplishments. At Dandelion, we LOVE jewelry as a graduation gift, of course! Here is a guide to some of our favorite collections for this happy occasion.

Zoe Chicco 

A 14k gold piece from the Zoe Chicco collection makes a beautiful graduation gift, especially for a high school or college graduate. Zoe's handcrafted fine jewelry is the perfect combination of timeless and trendy, with delicate styles for every day.


This Canadian-designed collection is a Dandelion favorite for graduation gifts! Loved by all ages and marked by a simple and elegant style, these pieces are crafted in sterling silver and 14k gold vermeil. You'll find classic styles like lockets and hoop earrings, as well as modern designs perfect for layering.

Thai Silver Bracelets

A sterling silver bracelet is another one of our top choices for a graduate. It is such a staple to have in every jewelry box, and can be chosen to suit the style of the recipient; a simple polished bangle, a classic link bracelet, a wider stamped or textured cuff, or a stack for someone who likes a lot of jewelry! We've hand-selected each of these sterling silver pieces in Thailand for you.

Ed Levin

For a refined and exquisite version of the classic silver bracelet, look to the Ed Levin collection! E.L. Designs creates hand-forged silver jewelry in New York, with a seventy-year history of designs that are timeless and unique.

Liven Co.

Liven Company's handcrafted fine jewelry ranges from the tiny touches of sparkly beauty to more bold and modern statements incorporating unique gemstones. Celebrate graduation with a diamond necklace, a star piece for the superstar, or a fabulous pair of diamond hoops that will be cherished forever.

Mier Luo

For the graduate who appreciates a subtle yet artistic style, Mier Luo creates porcelain and gold-dipped treasures in her NY studio. The matte clay texture in soft and neutral colors is accented by the shiniest 22k gold for truly striking and delicate pieces.

Suzanne Kalan

Fine jewelry for the graduate who loves a fun style! Not your average diamonds and gold...Suzanne Kalan designs 14k and 18k gold pieces with custom-cut stones and bright pops of color. Staggered baguette shapes and highly faceted rounds create interesting combinations that are eye-catching and sparkly. We love the wide range of colors she uses and her detailed settings!


These meaningful necklaces and bracelets are perfect for the graduate with a casual style. Single beaded styles, wraps, and short necklaces are accented by charms that reflect a special message. From good luck messages to inspiring quotes for the dreamers, the stars, the blooming flowers...each sentiment is sweet and thoughtful, and will be a reminder of the wonderful occasion.

Carded Necklaces

We have a lovely collection of necklaces on sentimental cards from two local artists, which are an ever-popular gift.  You can find many meaningful quotes and symbols that will express your joy and good wishes for the graduate!

Ania Haie

The Ania Haie collection is designed in London and is inspired by current trends, unique details, and stacking and layering. It is wonderfully easy to wear for any occasion and makes a perfect graduation gift - quality jewelry that is modern and trendy. Made in sterling silver with durable platings of rhodium and 14k gold, this collection is one of our favorites!